Don’t Be Fooled By Unnecessary Document Fees

Contact Chiumento Law, PLLC today for a free consultation.One of our clients brought this to our attention after we recently prepared and recorded a deed for her.

She received two separate notices offering to provide a copy of her recorded document for $89 or $83. The notices both contained general information about her property available from the Flagler and Volusia Counties Property Appraisers website. Information about your home such as the square footage, lot size, date and amount of purchase and assessed value is all public record and is used to create this “Deed Processing” service.

Fortunately, the client called our office and spoke with the paralegal who prepared the document to see if this had anything to do with our firm. The paralegal advised her this was an unnecessary expense because we had already sent the client’s original recorded deed back to her and she did not need a copy for $89.

If you ever need a copy of your recorded document, contact the Flagler and Volusia Counties Clerk’s office. They will provide you with one for $1 per page; $2 if you need it certified.

If you are not sure of a notice or request for payment, don’t hesitate to contact our office for assistance!

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