Our Palm Coast injury attorneys discuss the dark side to the Pokemon Go trendRecently we discussed the safety hazards of the Pokemon Go phenomena.  Unfortunately, it still continues as apparently common sense, once again, has disappeared from a great portion of the public.  The newest problem with Pokemon is whether or not these little electronic images are trespassing.  In the old days, trespass meant that someone came on to our land without permission.  Not so with Pokemon’s little critters.  They can be seen on your lawn; they can be seen anywhere that they are programmed to be.  So what happens?  Do we have these virtual trespasser going on your land and will we have to file virtual lawsuits with a virtual courtroom to get rid of the virtual Pokemon images?

A gentleman in New Jersey who was sick and tired of people either strolling about his backyard or knocking on his front door so they could capture a Pokemon, has actually started the beginnings of a class action lawsuit.  Now to further add to this lunacy is the manufacturers of the Pokemon game have sought sponsors.  For example, McDonald’s, so that they can direct a Pokemon into a McDonald’s and, guess what, maybe a Double Big Mac would be on the horizon.  It gets even better.  Utility companies in South Florida have retained a cyber security company to, if you will, “bag” these Pokemon characters as some willing participants are getting perilously close to electrical equipment.

But there is a dark side to all of this.  Remember that there are certain laws about sexual offenders and how far they have to be away from children.  The Pokemon do not really comprehend that placing these characters in a park does not prevent one of those persons from coming, unfortunately, too close to real prey not just the virtual Pokemon.  We have probably all encountered over the last few weeks, what appears to be the zombie apocalypse in “City Park”.  We can probably do two (2) things.  One, once again, make sure that this foolishness is not used behind the wheel and two, communicate to the manufacturers that this is not a game.  It could ultimately be deadly or dangerous.

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