How a Lawyer Can Help You Heal After an Accident

When most people think of car accidents, they picture minor fender-benders characterized by no injuries, a few hundred dollars’ worth of damages, and the hassle of being late to work and having to file a report with the police. Although these types of accidents certainly happen, our team at Chiumento Law, PLLC has seen firsthand how tragic more serious car accidents can be, and the devastating impact that they can have on families in our state.

If you are involved in a car accident in Florida, our legal team can help you during the healing process. To connect with our team and get the support you are looking for, please contact our offices online or by phone today.

The Impact of a Car Accident on Your Family

Being in a car accident will have a significant impact on your life, and the life of your family. This impact can be emotionally and financially challenging to deal with, and it can place a stress on your household that did not exist prior to the accident. Some of the many ways that being involved in a car accident can impact your family include:

  • Stress and concerns about injuries. When you are involved in a car accident and suffer injuries, one of the most trying things can be the stress and worry that is placed both on you and your family members. You loved ones may worry about whether your injuries will be fatal, and if not, how they will impair your life moving forward. Watching a loved one in pain is also very emotional and can lead to anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even depression.
  • Burdening your family financially. An accident, even when you are not the one at fault for the accident, can be extremely costly. And the cost of vehicle repairs is usually the smallest expense that families face. Instead, the cost of medical bills, hospital stays, and lost wages can total hundreds of thousands of dollars, forcing families into bankruptcy and other financial troubles.
  • Changing your routine at home. Once you are released from the hospital and are able to return home, things may not be the same as they were before. In fact, because you may require care or assistance throughout the day due to your injuries, a member of your family – such as your spouse – may need to stay home with you, rather than going to work, to provide you with that care. Or a health professional or home aid may need to be hired. Things may also change with your children – where once you were able to run and play, hold, carry, and care for your children, you may be unable to do so because of your injuries. You may also be physically unable to do the things you once loved and may develop psychological harm as a result.
  • Worries about what comes next. If you are in a crash, you probably understand that in order to recover the compensation that you deserve to help you pay for your injuries, you will need to file a claim with the insurance company. Although Florida is a no-fault state (see: Vehicle Insurance Questions and Answers provided by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles), if you want to step outside of the no fault system in order to recover compensation for noneconomic losses, you will need to prove the negligence of the defendant. Understanding how to prove negligence, your legal options, and what evidence you will need can be too much when you are recovering emotionally and physically.

How Can a Lawyer Help? 

The car accident healing process can be difficult, and healing does not happen overnight. In some cases, a person may suffer from permanent injuries, and learning how to move forward in life with such injuries can feel impossible.

Although only time and professional medical care can treat your injuries, at the law firm of Chiumento Law, PLLC, our attorneys are committed to helping you heal after an accident. Here’s how:

  • We provide you with emotional and legal support. We have helped numerous accident victims in Flagler and Volusia counties, and we know how traumatic a car accident can be for you and your family. Our family-focused law firm will work with you and your loved ones to help you understand the laws surrounding your car accident and what happens next. Throughout the entire process, we will also provide you with emotional support – we understand what you are going through and know how much you have on your plate. We work with your schedule and needs.
  • We handle the claims process, including the gathering of evidence, for you. After a car accident, it is important that you focus on your physical and mental recovery. The claims process is the last stress that you should have to deal with. However, it is important that action is taken quickly after an accident – we can do this for you. We will open an investigation into your accident, gather all evidence necessary, and build a strong case.
  • We advocate for you. Finally, our attorneys advocate for you during the entire process. We will negotiate aggressively with insurance companies in pursuit of a full and fair car accident settlement offer, and we will take your case to court if necessary.

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A car accident can change your life. After a crash, let our experienced attorneys represent you. We have helped many families through difficult times, and we want to support your family as you move through the healing process.

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