Insurance Company Statements

Florida couple standing outside their home that is not carrying enough homeowners insurance

When a person has an accident, he or she usually reports it to the insurance company.  They may also report it to the opposing driver’s insurance company.  At this time your insurance company may try to get a statement from you; certainly, the other driver’s insurance company will try to get a statement from you.

It is necessary, we believe, that you should consult an attorney even if it is your own insurance company.  The reason for that is that very often your own insurance company will suggest responses to you.  This could ultimately have an effect on the progress of your case and its settlement; meaning that if your insurance company decides that you were “liable” they may pay the other insurer for the damages claimed by its insured.  That is why it is best to consult with an attorney so that responses may be discussed with you so that these incidents do not occur.

The statements that the other insurance company requests are not there to help you.  The adjuster will say “oh this will help you get your case moving”.  Nonsense.  They are not in business to help you; they are in business to save money.  Before you would give that kind of a statement, it really is necessary to consult with an attorney; whether he or she progresses with the case or not, it is best to get that consultation.

With your own insurance company, it is necessary for cooperation so you would have to give some type of statement.  As far as the other company, you do not have to give them anything and what they tell you about settling your case and that it will help your case, is inaccurate.  Therefore, it is best to call an attorney to let him or her know the facts of the accident and determine whether or not it is necessary to discuss a case further.

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