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Car Accident


Insurance Company Statements

by: Chiumento Law, PLLC | Car Accident

When a person has an accident, he or she usually reports it to the insurance company.  They may…


The Importance of Automobile Insurance

by: Chiumento Law, PLLC | Car Accident

When you ask somebody if they have insurance, they usually say “yes, I have full coverage”, but do…


What happens when you are in an Uber car accident?

by: Chiumento Law, PLLC | Car Accident

Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft have become popular forms of transportation in many cities in Florida…


Hire an Attorney to Settle Your Car Accident Claim for Over 3 Times What You’d Get Trying to Settle It Yourself

by: Michael Chiumento III | Car Accident

Your personal injury claim could be worth much more than what your insurance company is telling you. If…


Who Is Responsible for Teen Car Accidents in Florida?

by: Chiumento Law, PLLC | Car Accident

For many teens, their first set of car keys is also the key to an entire world of…

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