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Florida Birth Injury Lawyer

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Most of the time, doctors, nurses, EMTs and other medical professionals do an excellent job providing patient care and preventing accidents and birth injuries. However, if an accident or injury should occur, it can have a long lasting effect and impact the rest of the child’s and/or mother’s life.

Birth injuries include any injury that occurs to the mother or baby during the birthing process. While most injuries that may occur are not the result of negligence, sometimes an injury could have been avoided. If an injury occurs during the birthing process to the mother or the baby, it is important to determine if this accident was due to negligent care or the lack of a procedure which could have prevented it.

Brain injury, spine and nerve damage, fractures, bruising, contusions and other birth injuries can occur when a doctor fails to anticipate a complication that was detectable or there is a delay in responding to fetal distress.

If you suspect a birth injury (mother or child) which could have been prevented with the due diligence of the medical professional, it is time to call the Palm Coast offices of Chiumento Law, PLLC When our attorneys take a case concerning birth injuries that may have been the result of medical negligence, we scrutinize all medical records, prenatal exams, tests, etc. to get a full picture of the case. We understand that when it comes to children and family, our clients want steady, caring and highly skilled representation.

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