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Wills, Trusts, Probate and Guardianship

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Today more than ever, it is vital to protect the property and assets you and your family own. Through adequate estate and sound financial planning, your assets can be properly transferred to your beneficiary rather than letting the state make that decision for you.

In the past, estate planning was a tool used by a privileged few. Times have changed, and today anyone with assets should take the necessary steps to ensure their belongings are protected. Establishing an estate and financial plan provides you with tax advantages and gives direction for the distribution of your assets should anything happen to you. Having this plan in place can give you peace of mind, knowing that your family will be taken care of in the years and decades ahead.

About Our Estate Planning Practice

living-trustTo keep the Probate Court from determining how your estate will be distributed, you will need to establish a will or trust. Procedures for establishing a sound will or trust or administering probate are complex and require a qualified legal team to assist you. Our Palm Coast estate planning attorneys can help you prevent any disputes or litigation among family members when you are no longer living.

Protecting your assets through a comprehensive will and revocable or living trusts and advising you on charitable contributions, life insurance holdings and other asset protection strategies are among the many ways the full-service legal team of Chiumento Law, PLLC, is available to help you. Our legal estate planning team will address all the issues that are important to you and help you develop a long-term plan, with your intentions in mind, to ensure that your family and assets are protected.


Guardianship is court-ordered authority to manage the affairs of someone who is no longer capable of doing so. Under Florida law, two options for guardianship are available: limited guardianship in which the ward retains some rights to make decisions and full guardianship in which the guardian has the right to make all decisions. If you need to obtain guardianship of a loved one for his or her own protection, our firm can assist you.

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Estate planning is important to protect your loved ones, your assets, and your financial future. Our legal team with Chiumento Law, PLLC, can address and handle all your estate planning needs. Our firm is established and respected, serving Florida residents since 1973.

Contact us for knowledgeable, proactive, ethical, and cost-effective legal assistance. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your affairs are in order, your assets are protected, and what you have will go to the ones you love.


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