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Vincent L. Sullivan


Vincent L. Sullivan graduated from Flagler College in Saint Augustine, Florida in 2012 with a degree in Political Science. Vincent went on to graduate from Florida Coastal School of Law in 2015 and ranked in the top quartile of his class.


Vincent was born in central California and moved to Palm Coast in 1999, where he was played baseball with the Police Athletic League. In high school, Vincent was a member of the Student Government Association, National Honor Society, Senior of the Year, student representative on the Flagler County School Board, and was in the first graduating class of Matanzas High School in 2008. During college, Vincent was again involved in student government and a founding member of a creative writing club known as Ink Slingers. While in law school, Vincent became interested in and worked on consumer defense cases.

Vincent specializes in consumer defense, appeals, debt collection defense, foreclosure defense, and real estate issues, ranging from the purchase and sale of homes to landlord tenant matters.

Vincent lives in Palm Coast.

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Vincent’s real estate experience ranges from landlord tenant matters to the purchase and sale of real estate. Vincent has represented both landlords and tenants in court and understands the unique needs of both parties. Working for both parties affords Vincent the opportunity to create an outcome that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Moreover, Vincent’s transactional experience in the purchase and sale of real estate, both commercial and residential, means that he understands the duties of both a purchaser and a seller. Having worked closely with title insurance companies since he began practicing law, he understands how to make sure no one else can claim a superior ownership in your new property.


Fortunately, the economy is recovering from the recession in 2008. Unfortunately, some folks are still unable to catch up on their mortgage payments. Having handled hundreds of foreclosure defense cases since graduating law school, Vincent understands the importance of you keeping your home. Vincent’s experience allows him to identify the pitfalls the bank has with its case to give you the best defense possible. While litigation may be the only option in some cases, many foreclosure cases are able to be settled with a favorable modification of your mortgage with a monthly payment you can afford.


Since beginning in the legal field, Vincent has represented consumers in a wide variety of cases ranging from debt collection to automobile repossession. Vincent primarily focuses his abilities on helping consumers fight debt collectors and stop harassing phone calls and letters. He understands that debt collectors are only allowed to call during certain times of the day and ensure that the debt collector understands as well. Moreover, depending on your situation, the debt collector may even be required to pay you, the consumer, and your legal fees for breaking laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Vincent has been afforded the privilege to represent and assist homeowners and consumers on many occasions in front of both state and federal appellate courts. Understanding that litigation work and appellate work require different means of thinking, Vincent is uniquely situated to transition from a litigation frame of mind to appellate.

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