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Ormond Beach Personal Injury Attorney

Ormond Beach is a small, charming city in east-central Florida, just north of Daytona Beach. The city draws visitors to its beachside location and beautiful resorts, but there is much more to explore. Even in such a small, warm community like Ormond Beach, car accidents and legal disputes occur. The full-service law firm of Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant, is proud to serve the people and businesses of Ormond Beach and Volusia County.

How Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant, Serves the Ormond Beach Community

The attorneys at Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant, are proud of our Ormond Beach location. We believe in the importance of playing an active role in the communities we serve. For years, our lawyers and staff members have supported our local charities. We sponsor and participate in the annual Alzheimer’s Association Walk to raise money for research on this debilitating disease. We are also a founding sponsor of the local No Texting & Driving Campaign – a cause we feel strongly about since we frequently see the results of accidents caused by distracted driving.

Ormond Beach has long held a reputation as a first-class vacation town. That’s no surprise, considering its sunny setting and close proximity to top Florida attractions. The city is part of the Daytona Beach metro area, so the excitement of the famous speedway is just around the corner. Short drive west on the highway will take you to Orlando, Disney World, and Tampa. However, staying in Ormond Beach itself has a lot to offer as a destination. For a small city of about 37,000 inhabitants, Ormond Beach offers up outsized attractions.

How We Work with Ormond Beach Clients

Our law firm offers a wide range of legal services. We provide legal representation in personal injury matters, real estate, divorce, bankruptcy, elder law, estate planning, family law, bankruptcy, immigration law, and much more. If another person’s negligence caused you or a loved one’s injury, you may be entitled to seek compensation.

Whether you were injured in a car crash, a pedestrian accident, a motorcycle crash, a bicycle accident, or some other type of accident, our Ormond Beach injury attorneys can help you pursue full compensation for your injuries.

If you’d like to learn more about your legal options, contact an Ormond beach personal injury attorney at Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant, now to schedule a confidential initial consultation.

Directions, Parking & Accessibility

The Ormond Beach law office of Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant is located at 57 W. Granada Blvd between E Granada Blvd and Vining Ct. We are only a 2-minute drive from the city center. Our office has free parking available in front of the building. Our office is wheelchair friendly, there is a ramp to enter the building.

Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant:

Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant

57 W. Granada Blvd.
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
United States (US)
Phone: 386-238-9288

How Can We Help?

Our experienced Ormond Beach personal injury attorneys can assist with a wide range of cases, including:

Car Accidents

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, the Ormond Beach car accident lawyers at Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant are here to help. We have over 40 years of experience helping people like you who have been hurt in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver.

Because insurance companies are for-profit businesses, they are going to try to minimize their payouts. Despite their advertising claims, insurers are not on your side. Our Ormond Beach car accident attorneys, on the other hand, work solely for your benefit. Our compassionate attorneys will help you pursue the maximum compensation allowed by law to cover your medical expenses and other losses after your accident.

Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles. A crash involving a tractor-trailer or semi can be catastrophic, causing severe injuries to the occupants of the smaller vehicle. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you need to contact an Ormond Beach truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

Truck accident cases can be complicated and involve multiple negligent parties. Our experienced Ormond Beach truck accident attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation of your accident immediately. We will move quickly to preserve all evidence such as truck logbooks and truck maintenance records, which can show fault on the part of the commercial truck driver or trucking company.

Motorcycle Accidents

The Florida personal injury attorneys at Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant represent motorcyclists who have been injured by negligent drivers. Passenger vehicle drivers do not always respect the rights of motorcyclists who share the road with them. Automobile drivers may cause a motorcycle accident by failing to see an approaching motorcycle or failing to exercise proper caution when driving near them. If someone else’s disregard for safety caused your motorcycle crash, our skilled Ormond Beach motorcycle accident lawyers can help you pursue compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries and other losses.

Wrongful Death

The unexpected death of a loved one causes much grief for the surviving family members. It can also cause significant unexpected expenses such as medical bills and funeral expenses. After a fatal accident, the immediate family may have a right to file a wrongful death action against the at-fault individual or business to recover compensation. Contact one of our wrongful death lawyers as soon as possible. We are knowledgeable about Florida laws regarding wrongful death claims and offer compassion and support during this difficult time.

Medical Malpractice

Our dedicated Ormond Beach medical malpractice lawyers have been fighting for the rights of injured patients for decades. Our attorneys are not afraid to hold physicians, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care providers accountable when their negligence harms patients.

If you or your loved one has been injured due to medical malpractice, you need to take prompt action. Florida state law limits the amount of time you have to file a malpractice claim. Our experienced Ormond Beach medical malpractice attorneys will walk you through this complex process and discuss all of your legal options for pursuing financial compensation.

Slip and Fall

Whenever you go to a store, walk on a sidewalk, or visit someone else’s property in Ormond Beach, you have a reasonable expectation of safety. Unfortunately, property owners can be negligent in maintaining their property. Because of this, you may find yourself slipping and falling. Slip-and-fall injuries can lead to costly medical bills, emotional distress, lost income and more. Our Ormond Beach personal injury lawyers have years of experience handling slip-and-fall accident claims. Allow us to help you pursue the full and fair compensation you deserve following your Ormond Beach slip-and-fall accident.

Estate Planning

Our experienced Florida estate planning lawyers can help you protect your assets through a comprehensive will and living trust. We take the time to understand our clients’ goals and future needs and then develop an estate plan that addresses them. Our team will address all the issues that are important to you and help you put together a long-term plan that will ensure your assets and family are protected.

Business Law

Our business lawyers represent small businesses, corporations, real estate developers, and other businesses in Ormond Beach. Our law firm has represented many businesses that have contributed to the growth of Ormond Beach over the years. Our team of attorneys can help handle a wide range of legal issues, including incorporation and LLC formation, buying and selling a business, business dissolution and disputes, business litigation, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, and more.

Family Law

The compassionate Ormond Beach family law attorneys at Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant have the experience to guide you through the emotionally charged issues that arise during the breakup of a marriage. We will fight to protect the interests of you and your family. We handle many types of family law matters, including divorce, child support, alimony, child custody, adoption, domestic violence, visitation, and more.

Criminal Defense  

If you have been accused of committing a crime in Florida, know that you have legal rights. You need a skilled legal advocate who will fight to protect those rights and stand up for your interests if you are facing criminal charges. Our Ormond Beach criminal defense attorneys have been representing the accused in Volusia County for more than 40 years. Allow our experienced attorneys to help you navigate the criminal justice system and fight for your freedom.

Immigration Law

Our Ormond Beach immigration attorneys are committed to helping individuals, families, business owners navigate the complex U.S. immigration system. Whether you are applying for a green card, trying to obtain a work visa, or facing removal proceedings, you can rely on our skilled legal representation. Clients turn to us because we have spent more than 40 years representing people in Volusia County in immigration matters. We are members of the National Immigration Project and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Call today so our attorneys can put their knowledge of the complex immigration system to work for you.

Law Enforcement Agencies Serving Ormond Beach, FL

If you are involved in a car accident in Ormond Beach or elsewhere in Volusia County, it is important to contact law enforcement and report the accident. One of the following law enforcement agencies may investigate your accident and issue an accident report.

Ormond Beach Police Department

170 W. Granada Blvd.
Ormond Beach, FL 32175

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

123 W Indiana Ave 4th floor
DeLand, FL 32720

Florida Highway Patrol

3775 W. King St.
Cocoa, FL 32926

Hospitals Serving Ormond Beach, FL

If you are injured in a traffic accident in Ormond Beach and need emergency medical care, you may be transported to one of the following medical facilities:

AdventHealth Daytona Beach

301 Memorial Medical Pkwy
Daytona Beach, FL 32117

Halifax Health Medical Center

303 N Clyde Morris Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Courts Serving Ormond Beach, FL

Circuit courts are the courts of general jurisdiction in Florida that handle most civil and criminal cases. They have jurisdiction over matters including personal injury claims involving more than $15,000 in dispute, criminal prosecution of all felonies, estate litigation, and actions to determine property boundaries, among others. Certain types of cases may be filed in federal court such as cases involving unsafe products and product liability.

State Court

Seventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida

101 N Alabama Ave
DeLand, FL 32724

Federal Court

Middle District of Florida – Orlando Division

401 West Central Boulevard
Orlando, Florida 32801
(407) 835-4200

We’re Proud to be Involved in the Community

Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant has contributed to schools and other organizations that have made a difference in the community and take pride in portraying an active role in our community. Flagler and Volusia Counties hosts an array of events and we are proud to be a part of many of them!

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